Design, Build, Maintain

Terracraft is ever mindful that we are building and designing your vision, so the first step is to meet and consult with you, the client, to learn what your aspirations are, as well as learn of any budget or environmental constraints that may exist. Analyzing the existing site and environment is a crucial step in preventing, as much as possible, unexpected surprises, challenges and sometimes costs; this is where years of experience and knowledge of local conditions is key.

With this knowledge, and often right on-site, Terracraft can offer various levels of design depending on the job, the need, and the budget. We will ensure you receive only the right amount of design time and costs, if any, helping to ensure you get maximum impact from your budget.

With an extensive team of experts and all tools for the job, Terracraft has tackled many challenging sites, from reclaiming land where there seemed to be none, to building extensive waterfalls of some 30 feet or more, or just simple, but beautiful gardens, landscapes, driveways and patios.

Since every crew is equipped with all the tools of the trade, we do not need to subcontract any work or equipment hire. The benefit to our clients is excellent efficiencies in both time and money. Every project is site managed and constructed with pride by our skilled trades on staff , and all Terracraft staff are covered and insured through WCB.

Terracraft, having built your beautiful outdoor space, is ideally positioned to maintain and upkeep the space for years to come. Beautiful outdoor spaces require attention and care to ensure you enjoy them to their fullest for many many years. With our knowledge of the construction, installation and build of your outdoor space, we can ensure that efficient and correct maintenance is carried out by our dedicated Maintenance team.

Terracraft warranties all its installations and plants, as well as hardscapes, for one full year after project completion. N.B. Plant installation warranties only apply where professional irrigation systems are in place.